Application Process

How to Apply

As a part of the MUSE Program Relaunch, there is a new form now open for submissions. If you would like to participate in the MUSE program, please apply using the new form to be considered. Be sure to prepare your résumé or curriculum vitae as a PDF file as part of the application. The form is for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in participating in the program.

Matching Process

Based on the information provided, undergraduate students will be matched preliminarily with potential graduate student mentors based on common research interests and the mentors’ preferences regarding the mentee’s year level. Each graduate student will be informed of their potential matches. Graduate students will have access to the résumés of all undergraduate students who could be their mentees.

Matched graduate students and undergraduate will have the opportunity to meet in person or virtually, facilitated by MUSE program coordinators, where the matches will converse informally about their respective research interests and learn more about each other.

Note that we perform the matching process on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a student remains unmatched after one round of matching, that student will remain in the candidate pool and will be considered with other grad students until the end of the application cycle (academic year) in which he or she applied. Participation in the MUSE program can start as soon as paired mentors and mentees agree on a start date. Ideally, participation is for two semesters.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Students with potential matches will be notified and provided information via email. Matching will be done by end of every month for each semester. Students not matched during the earlier rounds of matching will remain in the candidate pool and will be considered during the next rounds of matching.

Please email if you applied but no longer want to be considered for MUSE or for inquiries.