Desirable Mentee Qualities

Qualities of a Good Mentee

  • Personal commitment – preparing for meetings with the mentor and following through with goals/objectives set, taking responsibility to learn
  • Flexibility – recognizing the need to accommodate changes as situations arise yet focused on the overall goal
  • Openness – willingness to accept feedback, discuss areas for improvement, and ask for help, as well as share one’s needs and views with the mentor
  • Open-mindedness – willingness to consider different ideas or opinions, to try new things, and to accept different points of view
  • Initiative – ability to act or take charge to do something without being prompted to do so

How to be a Good Mentee

  • Be efficient and systematic. Don’t bring a long list of things you want the mentor to do for you.
  • Be considerate. Schedule meetings ahead of time. Value your mentor’s time. Don’t expect the mentors to be available for you, whenever you want them.
  • Be trustworthy. Don’t treat your mentor as a source of gossip to pass on.
  • Be resourceful. Don’t expect the mentor to have all the answers to your questions.
  • Be proactive. Bring up relevant matters to discuss with your mentor. Don’t leave it to the mentor to decide on what to talk about every time.
  • Be realistic and learn from mistakes. Don’t blame the mentor when advice given does not work out.
  • Be curious and engaged. Don’t show disinterest, yawn, or rant during meetings.
  • Be responsible, work hard, and put in your best effort. Don’t forget what you committed to doing.
  • Be dependable. Don’t disappear into the void when your schedule gets crazy.
  • Be professional. Don’t ignore mentor’s attempts to get in touch with you.

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